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Interior styling

Interior styling

Once you have the walls built around you (or much before in most cases) it's time to consider how you want the finish to look. What kind of interior style is right for the house? You might consider the age of the property, its location, and of course its use. Dark interiors are all the rage, but if you've bought an underground bunker, it's probably not going to be the right choice... It's so common for people to struggle when pulling together a room - making the decision and sticking to it is, well sometimes just that. A sticking point. Or a source for endless arguments in many households! Perhaps you have a family heirloom to consider or you've found the most beautiful fabric in a faraway market... with the right combinations it's easy to create a balanced style for your interior which remains practical - but always with the wow factor. 

Interior styling


An extension of you

In the same way that we have a chosen style in clothes or fashion, the décor of your home says a lot about you. It is an extension of your character and personality, yet so many of us struggle to make a decision or ever feel like a room is truly finished.

The style that you choose to live in might be modern, clinical, or it might be cosy, full of nik naks – whatever works for you and your family. If however you’re like so many others and struggle to decide on wallpaper, balancing colours and shades and find it all daunting – expert help might be just what you need.


Creating ambiance

Interior styling simply brings a collection together into a balanced harmony. Whether the items are all matching is irrelevant, it’s about the theme which ties a room together and how it flows from one room to the next.

Atmosphere and ambiance are closely entwined and created by bringing together the senses to evoke a feeling in a particular space. A combination of colour, texture, sound, and fragrance will create a natural atmosphere for your space.



Make a statement

Statement interiors don’t have to be bold and bright. An interior style statement in elegance is just as strong – it’s about balance. Whilst you might think of a statement or ‘feature’ wall, it will never be enough on its own if the rest of the room does not follow with the same style or theme. Build a theme around a single piece – perhaps an item of furniture or a scrap of fabric; and bring a touch from this inspiration into all the pieces you choose for the room.


Less is more

Don’t go too mad. Too much pattern or clashing creates confusion and is more likely to create a headache than a feeling of calm.

It will also mean that your key pieces become lost in the ‘noise’ of all the other pieces shouting for attention. 


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