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Interior design

Interior design

What, you may wonder is the difference between interior design and interior styling? Good question. I tend to split it along the lines of space creation and dressing of the space. When designing a house, room or space it's good to consider its use - how will you live in it? How much room should you allow for a kitchen island? How large do you need the fireplace to be? Working with you on interior design will consider the questions around ensuring the space is designed for its use. Re-working dead spaces, or unused rooms will give a flowing feel to a home or space, which certainly doesn't mean it needs to be open plan, but that's always an option. 

Interior design


Planning your space

From our first meeting I'll be listening to you describe the way you use your home - how you live and how the space works for you. 

If you're redesigning your kitchen we'll work through your requirements and create a list to work with alongside your kitchen manufacturer or designer. 

I work with some exceptional, well known kitchen designers who will be able to pull together ideas in CAD drawings to enable you to really visualise a finished space. I will also be able to advise on manufacturers for your budget. Who is best to get a quote from and share simple tips to make even the most budget of kitchen look bespoke and designer. 


Behind the scenes

The  'behind the scenes' design work for your interior will hugely impact the finished space.  Before the walls are even in place you should be thinking electrics, AV points, data connection and requirements for any other media. It's a good idea to try to future proof your home to ensure that you have the technology behind the scenes should you require it. 

To illustrate this – imaging planning your new bedroom – which wall the bed will go on is important for the mechanical and engineers. If you’d like to be able to switch lamps off from switches by then bed they need planning and wiring to a separate circuit. Do you also want to be able to any other bedroom lighting? How high do the switches need to be? How wide will the ned be?

Or perhaps you’d like to be able to simply turn the lights off from your iPhone? What will this require? Do you need a charging point near the bed? Have you considered wireless charging?

The answers to all of these questions will impact on how you live in the space when it’s complete.


Original features

I’m a big believer in original features and style – within reason! Considerations in interior design should always be made in respect of the age and history of a building.

Working with a building from a specific era may lead an interior style or a particular feature may be worth preserving or even making into a focal point. With listed buildings you may need to consider creative ways to work with old parts of a building which you are obliged to keep.

Newer builds are more of a blank canvas for creating a modern living environment – it’s always possible to create a feeling of personality or character with décor and furniture choice – it’s simply about bringing together a collection.



Contrasting or opposing finishes or textures make for eclectic and interesting interiors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match with fabrics and surface textures to have a little fun – it’ll bring personality to your room. 


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