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How to recreate a Scandi look

How to create the scandi look

How to recreate a Scandi look

Starting in the 1950’s, Scandinavian Style has developed and remains a popular trend today. Looking on media platforms such as Pinterest, it is incredibly easy to stumble across marvellous Scandi Interiors that give you inspiration for your own homes. It can be harder than it seems to bring your vision to life, especially on a budget, here are some tips and tricks that I use for a Scandi concept!



Simplicity, Minimalism and functionality is key. Bold accents enrich a room.

A Scandi colour palette consists of whites, greys and blacks, these can be interwoven with lighter shades, woods and metals creating a clean and calm look. Scandinavian style is centred around a warm, fresh and calming Interior. Infusing elements of muted hues allows you to have a simplistic colour scheme. Blue and green tones seem to be my favourite at the moment, they will stand out brilliantly against all white interiors! An alternative way of adding bursts of colour is to incorporate wall art into your scheme. You can purchase nice wall hangings from places such as Etsy! 

Wooden flooring is desired within a Scandi concept. Compliment Herringbone wooden floors with a textured rug, pillows and blankets

creating a laid-back relaxation space. Don’t be afraid when choosing patterned soft furnishings, as long as they are not too busy you are safe!

A good choice is a black and white print. If you are edging towards industrial elements within the Scandi style, try adding a worn leather piece of furniture to the room. It will provide a rustic feel without it looking antique. Envision pairing this with metal and wood furnishings for an amazing daring statement, and of course adding soft furnishings will help hold the cosiness of your sacred space, contrasting perfectly.

Panelling is a huge trend at the moment, it is a good way of adding depth to the room and more natural material. Additional accessories could include an appearance of nature. Big indoor plants and fresh flowers can be a feature within your living space, providing eye catching organic colouring. 

STORAGE can be transformed into part of the décor. By creating unique shelving on different levels which can give another dimension to the room as well as a visual interest. For a practical and aesthetic purpose, avoid clutter and provide room for an ornament or an indoor plant. Space saving furniture can be the key to avoid clutter, or at least confine it to one hidden area. Scandi is crisp and clean, so less is definitely more!! Ladder shelving is very on trend. Incorporating this within the Scandi style, you could use the steps as a rail to hang blankets by a warm cosy fire.

You can have so much fun with your LIGHTING! There are so many options, it can be hard not to purchase the first pendant that you see and love. It is important to remember you are searching for a pendant that will fit in with the aesthetic that you are briefing. Beautiful origami lamps are very Swedish. Ikea sell budget versions of these which you can’t go wrong with! If you are wanting a harsher bolder light, black metal pendants will do just the job. They can provide the more rustic feel to the room and are a statement piece. For the ambiance to be complete, take the time to find an amber bulb for a softer more intimate light.

Upcycling is a massive trend, and so it should be! The concept of reusing existing pieces of furniture in your household saves you financially and is also exciting. It’s nice to be creative! You can admire a product for what it is, and then appreciate that it is not right for your Scandi Interior, alternatively you can adapt the furnishings so that it becomes something useful in your household. For example, reupholstering sofas/armchairs. Taking furniture pieces apart to have a new purpose for them, or more simply a lick of paint, this method of creating a Scandi style is a possibility! 

When choosing new products for your home it is always good to consider what are timeless pieces of furniture. Scandinavian style is a Swedish concept on mid-century modern, therefore don’t be afraid to combine the styles slightly for a more sophisticated look! Mid Century Modern is a classic beautiful style. Choose clean simple lines for a minimal look. Be transformative by draping a soft cosy texture on top of your furniture! With Natural light woods, rattan, metal finishes, fabrics and textures there are so many alternatives for your concept, which is what makes it so interesting as you are going to create a distinctive space. 

Good Luck!!