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How to do a timeless Interior

Creating a timeless interior


timeless interior

It can be really challenging piecing together a colour palette for your interior when

there is so much choice available. Taking into consideration your desired concept,

you may also consider what is currently on trend, followed by the worry of your

interior dating faster than you would like. You want to find the perfect balance

for your space, fitting your brief and creating a classic timeless statement.

It can be hard to differentiate between the two.


Neutral shades are timeless and can be in the same colour palette as more earthy tones.

Rich deep autumnal colours to warmer neutrals, they can add tranquillity and even a nature-friendly warmth to your space, transforming the mood of an interior entirely.  If you are wanting an element of colour, a recommendation may be to include a shade of green. From pistachio to olive, earthy tones are very well thought of and beautiful. 


It can be very easy to combine a green with other neutral tones or even an array of contrasting more vibrant colours to compliment. I once read, your space should be dominated 60% by one colour, 30% should be a secondary colour or texture and 10% should be an accent. This is a really beneficial way of determining colour balance and can be something to live by when creating your warm earthy toned interior.