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Scandi kitchen style
Scandi kitchen style

Scandi kitchen style 

My client was looking for some help with a kitchen refit within an extension that was being added to their family home. I guided them through the options, bearing in mind that the budget was pretty tight given the amount of building work. 

I knew from the start that they were keen to utilise a dining table which had been a significant purchase, so we picked a contemporary shaker which would complement and sit alongside the existing furniture. Greys were key themes and I also helped with the finishing to the decor picking colour selections, advising on paint brands, selecting flooring and work surfaces. 

I was able to introduce my clients to brands and options that hadn't been available before, and they were delighted with the results. 

On completion the feedback was:

Laura, just wanted to say a huge thank you. I feel so lucky to have had your input with this project and we are so chuffed with the outcome. You have honestly made the whole process so much easier, giving your guidance and advice at every stage but at the same time allowing us stay true to the style we wanted to achieve within our budget. 

You tactfully steered me in the right direction if you thought I was going off piste! And it was so helpful to have someone to bounce ideas with. 

I wasn't sure at the start if your input was needed but I am so pleased I changed my mind as your help gave me the confidence to make what seemed like huge over whelming decisions. Thank you